Client Events

In addition to individual consultations, our clients can exclusively attend a wide range of events. They either provide up-to-date information on topics relevant in the current job market, or training for presenting oneself to the job market and they offer excellent networking opportunities.


Our workshops are held twice monthly and are run by external trainers who are experts in their field. They are conducted in German only. The workshop sessions correspond with our consulting approach:

  • Health / Resources workshops, e.g. «Stress Management», «Relaxation Techniques», «Diet and Exercise»
  • Skills / Competencies workshops, e.g. «Writing Motivation Letters / Reading Advertisements», «Assessment», «Social Media»
  • Values / Motivation workshops, e.g. «Mental Training Techniques», «Body Language»
  • Work / Leadership workshops, e.g. «Identifying Strategies», «Labour Market», «Self-Employment», «Conflict Management»


  • Input from independent experts
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Extending own network / exchange with other clients
  • A deeper understanding of topics relevant to the labour market


Our training sessions are held several times a month and prepare clients for upcoming interviews or network meetings by practicing in a «live setting».

Network Training

  • Small group (max. four additional clients), half-day, level-specific training session in networking / acquiring information of the particular market
  • Simulating "real-life situation" conversations face-to-face and on the phone with acquaintance and/or unfamiliar individuals who can provide market-related input
  • Feedback on these conversations from the group as well as from an experienced trainer
  • Observing other group members


  • Recognise the importance of networking to gather job market information
  • Systematic approach to further develop a network
  • Importance of social media for research and networking

Interview training

  • Small group (max. four additional clients), half-day, level-specific training session on application letters and interviews
  • Feedback on own application letter (as well as on those of others in the group) for advertised positions
  • Simulation of an interview for a job application at whatever stage: wanting to apply for a position, having already applied, or where an interview has been arranged
  • Gain valuable input from both the small group and the trainer leading the interview


  • Practice of appearance in the job market
  • Handling difficult questions professionally
  • Opportunity to develop further from genuine feedback
  • Exposure to different interview styles and situations

Client Interaction Group

Our client interaction group is a peer coaching group where clients present their marketing and job search strategies to one another. At each meeting, two clients present their strategies and receive feedback from the rest of the group.


  • Receive input from the group's resources (experience, knowledge, creativity)
  • Expand network through interaction with clients from a variety of professions and industry sectors
  • Best-practice-sharing with other clients

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