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    in your current job?

  • Are you facing major staff reductions?

Individual and Personal

Established in 2005, Dr. Nadig + Partner AG is a well recognized Zurich based outplacement consultancy with offices in Bern and Basel. We partner with and consult individuals going through a transition in their professional career, and offer intensive, individual guidance and support during their reorientation. Our client base encompasses people from various professions, industry sectors, and all areas of Switzerland.


Employment may need to be terminated for one or more of your staff members or you may be looking to support staff in their professional reorientation and new job search.
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Your employment has been terminated. As part of your severance package, your employer may offer the services of a New-/Outplacement consultancy.
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Private Individual

In your private capacity, you may want to initiate a comprehensive career assessment and get professional support for a potential career change.
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